Kurt Zouma. Credit: The Independent

Cat organisations in Nottingham are outraged after a video of Kurt Zouma harming his two cats appeared on Snapchat

The video, filmed by Zouma’s brother on Snapchat on Monday (February 7, 2022), shows Zouma kicking one cat across the room in front of a child, slapping the other and throwing his shoes at them while the cameraman laughs.

The two cats have now been rescued by the RSPCA and Kurt, who plays for West Ham United, has paid a fine of £250,000 issued by the club.

He also issued a public apology, saying that the cats are ‘loved and cherished by our entire family’.

The video has caused a public outrage, both from the public and organisations who work with animals.

The Cat’s Protection League has slammed the video and criticised Kurt.

In a statement, the Director of Veterinary Sciences, Maggie Roberts said, “Kicking, hitting and slapping cats or any other animal is not only illegal but completely unacceptable in today’s society.

“Cats are sentient beings that experience pain and fear just like any other species.”

“Footballers are in the privileged position of being role models to people across the world, making this case all the more distressing. Anyone with an influential position in public life should be held to the highest standards, and it is important that a clear message is sent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated at any level,” she added.

Cats playing at Kitty Café, a rescue house and cat café





Staff at the Kitty Café in Nottingham have also criticised the player, calling his actions appalling and calling for him to face jail.

Georgia Hallum, cat nanny and waitress, said, “I think it’s absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe it has happened. I haven’t read too much about it but I have seen the video and I’m glad that the consequences that he has faced have happened because I don’t think what he did was correct.

“I’m glad that in a way it did get broadcasted because it can be like a prevention for maybe future footballers if they have a cat.

“Maybe don’t kick your cat like a football cause that’s not how you treat animals”.

After learning that Kurt Zouma hasn’t been suspended from West Ham, Georgia goes on to say that the previous consequences isn’t enough.

“He should be completely gone. He shouldn’t be allowed animals, he shouldn’t be allowed a job, if anything I think he should be in prison.”