Priscilla on Tik Tok explaining how followers can pray for their Church centre project.

The Clergy at St. Nicholas’ Church has joined the religious, social media frenzy on Tik Tok to help reach young worshippers.

The Anglican group started creating videos during lockdown when face-to-face gatherings were prohibited across the UK; this resulted in their focus moving online to multi-media platforms.

Their Tik Tok following has attracted colossal publicity, with one video reaching nearly 1000 views and their overall videos gaining a total of 7,920 views.         

 The St. Nicholas’ Church social media accounts have reached a new generation to ‘welcome people into the authentic Christian community’ with open arms, ‘through training and discipleship.’

Their Tik Tok offers fun and light hearted entertainment. Frances Finn, the Reverend of the Church says it “doesn’t take very long at all”, but one rule she firmly stands by is “when there’s a Tik Tok involved, everyone has to do it!”.


Well we couldn’t let the interns have all the fun! See you at church tomorrow! #thisorthat #churchesoftiktok #churchofengland #ukchristian

♬ It’s Tricky – Run – D.M.C.

 “If Jesus were alive now, he would one hundred percent be on Tik Tok.”

Frances Finn, reverend at St Nicholas’ Church Nottingham

Reverend Steve Silvester believes “Tik Tok is reaching another generation, with a very fast-moving lifestyle that people engage with” he adds, “I think it conveys something about who we are as people”.

Reverend Frances believes even Jesus would be moving to a digitised era and would “one hundred per cent be on Tik Tok” to spread the word of God. Frances adds “wherever the people were he went.”


Figures show:

  • 78% Churches, 80% Parishes and 91% Benefices offered ‘Church at home’ services during the lockdown.
  • Online services, live streams and pre-recorded services were most popular.
  • 69% of churches offered online ‘Church at home’
  • 44% offered downloadable services via email/ website
  • 33% offered telephone/dial-in services.
  • 37% of churches referred worshippers to services by other Churches
  • The majority have continued ‘church at home’ services despite in-person services resuming.

Reverend Steve Silvester recalls social media as a lifeline for the church. 

Whilst their Tik Tok page has brought unity amongst the worshippers, Reverend Frances has ensured their regular community can still access their in person services. Frances believes this is imperative, to ensure everyone “can still feel part of what we are doing and they can still worship.”

Alternatively, the services are also live streamed through their YouTube for those who cannot attend in person.

Despite the easing of restrictions, St Nic’s has embraced the digitised world of religion for good and believes it reaches ‘another generation’ of people to come.