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Managing Director of Mojo Nottingham, Martin Greenhow, fears for the future of the nightclub sector. He feels that the industry has been “thrown under the bus” following new Covid Plan B restrictions.

Plan B restrictions were introduced 8 December and include:

  • Compulsory face mask wearing in indoor venues
  • People being encouraged to work from home
  • Mandatory NHS Covid Passports for large scale events

This is the first major rule change since the Government loosened Covid restrictions on July 19 of last year.

Around £220m of sales lost every day from April 2020 to March 2021, has wiped out £80.8bn off hospitality’s sales in 12 months. *UKHospitality

Although the government ruled out closing bars and clubs before Christmas and New Year, Greenhow is now fearing for a potential Plan C.

Mojo Nottingham

“The imposition of vaccine passports on clubs makes me weep…Plan C is going to fold everyone within hospitality in with face masks and Covid passports” which are “abhorrent” and an “impractical measure” according to Greenhow.

He believes Plan C is going “back to the dark days of tiers” and that the idea is a “catastrophe” for businesses as they “can’t accommodate further restrictions” and if they “aren’t allowed to trade profitably, they will fail”.


People in nightclub

There’s a “significant feeling that people don’t want to abide by these rules again”.

This comes after Boris Johnson and other government ministers allegedly broke lockdown rules on 20 May 2020 by holding what the PM says was a work event but many believe was a garden party with alcohol provided.


“Life is more than just failing to die”

Martin Greenhow

Martin Greenhow’s Interview

Some Nottingham Trent University students welcome the idea of Covid Passports. Ellis Gayford, 20, believes they are “necessary and easy to use” and makes him “feel safer”. However, Georgia Harrod, 21, believes they are a “bad idea” as it “takes away people’s freedom who choose not to get vaccinated”.

Some also think that the nightclub sector has been thrown under the bus as bars and clubs have “always been the last thing to open when the population that use them is least at risk”.

Ultimately, “life has it’s risks” according to Greenhow. He believes there’s “a palpable disbelief in society” as these rules are catastrophic for the hospitality sector.

Further restrictions are already a threat to Mojo and other clubs and bars throughout the city: