The timers can be collected at a customer service site (credit: Rushcliffe Borough Council)

Rushcliffe Borough Council is calling on residents to collect a free light timer to deter burglars away from the Nottinghamshire district.

The council has teamed up with Nottinghamshire Police to launch the ‘Leave a Light On’ campaign to give the impression to burglars that someone is in a property.

Residents can collect a free timer by filling out a Neighbourhood Alert Registration Form at one of the council’s local customer service sites.

It’s thought that homes with no lights on are more likely to be targeted as criminals believe that the property is unoccupied.

Whilst the council is keen to stress that the campaign has not been launched due to an increase in break-ins across Rushcliffe, police have warned that longer evenings provide the perfect conditions for criminals to target properties.

Home Office data shows that Nottinghamshire has the 17th highest burglary rate across England.


VIDEO: Carol Williams had a free light timer installed after a neighbour was burgled. 

Carol Williams, of West Bridgford, received a free timer from Nottinghamshire Police after a neighbour was burgled. She has encouraged all residents to take up the offer.

“I feel quite safe when I use the timer,” she said. “Anybody passing by might think that I am in as opposed to take my possessions.

“I would encourage anybody to use a timer. Anything to deter burglars might make them pass on and leave West Bridgford.”

VIDEO: Ed Palmer, customer service manager at Rushcliffe Borough Council, has encouraged residents to take up the offer. 

Rushcliffe Borough Council is particularly keen to persuade those without other security precautions to take up the offer of a free timer.

“We want our residents to take extra measures and to take a minute to think about their security at home,” said Ed Palmer from the council.

“We have worked with Nottinghamshire Police to get these light timers out as an over and above. It’s an additional measure, alongside what other security measures residents have at home.

“This tool is easy to use, it’s low-cost and it’s a real front line deterrent to burglars. If they do see a light on, they are less likely to target that property.”

Residents who have already installed the timers welcome the scheme.

“I feel safe in my house currently, although it’s important that I still take precautions,” says Chris Williamson of West Bridgford.

“I do feel relatively safe at the moment, but I do worry when I go out,” said Barbara Brooks. “It’s much better if you can set your lights to come on, so people think that you are in.”

The scheme will last until spring and it’s hoped more residents will take up the offer of a free timer.

The tool can be collected at any of the following locations:


Fountain Court, Gordon Road, West Bridgford, NG2 5LN


Rivermead, Cotgrave, NG12 3UQ


Gotham Road, LE12 6JG


Newgate Street, NG13 8FD