Boris Johnson under scrutiny.

An enquiry has begun into the behaviour of Boris Johnson and his colleagues who have been accused of having parties in lockdown.

During the Coronavirus pandemic it has been alleged that members of the Conservative Party, along with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, had been breaking lockdown rules that they themselves had set in 2020 and 2021.

Many have called for Boris Johnson to resign, including backbench Conservative MPs, and many believe this is one mistake too many.

People from Nottingham have had their say on what they think about the situation the Prime Minister finds himself in.

Members of Downing Street have also apologised to the Queen as they held a party the day before the late Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, while the country was in a period of mourning.

“The colleagues calling for his resignation have a track record of consistantly not supporting the prime minister”

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary

After Boris Johnson apologised, in the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg said there will be an enquiry into whether Covid restrictions had been ‘proportionate’ or ‘too hard on people’.

Boris Johnson after getting his Covid jab.

Members of his own party have been torn between whether to rally around the Prime Minister or vote no confidence against him.

Cabinet members, including Dominic Raab (the deputy PM), are supporting him but others, such as Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative leader, have called for him to go.

Timeline of Pandemic Parties

May 15th 2020 – Wine and Cheese in Downing Street’s back garden
May 20th 2020 – 100 people invited to drinks
13th November 2020 – The PM and his wife, allegedly, invited staff members to a party at their flat.
27th November 2020 – Leaving party for No 10 aide, Cleo Watson, where Johnson made a speech.
10th December 2020 – Department of Education confirmed it had a gathering.
14th December 2020 – Conservative party admitted an ‘unauthorised gathering’ took place in Westminster.
15th December 2020 – A Christmas party, where a photograph of Boris Johnson was published, of him sitting between two colleagues. Johnson has denied any wrongdoing.
16th December 2020 – Department for Transport apologised after confirming reports of office parties.