Nottingham Forest stadium. Image from Wikipedia

A group has been set up to support Nottingham Forest fans still suffering the effects of the Hillsborough disaster which claimed 97 lives in 1989.

The Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance (HSA) launched in April this year, on the 32nd anniversary of the incident, which has left many fans in the city still suffering trauma and related mental health illnesses.

The tragedy happened during a match between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool when the police opened an exit gate and more than 3000 fans rushed in, crushing 97 people to death.

But it is not just the 97 bereaved families who have been affected but also many football fans still traumatised by what they witnessed.

“I have a symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” said Peter Hiller, one of the Nottingham Forest fans present on the day.

Peter Hiller expresses his feeling after witnessing the scene 

Hillsborough Stadium- where the incident happens

Even though the incident was 32 years ago, some Nottingham Forest fans still struggle to talk about it. Dr Anne Eyre is from the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance said that Nottingham Forest fans feel guilty, 

Dr Anne Eyre talked about the disaster Nottingham Forest fan have to suffer

Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance is now raising donations to provide therapy for those directly affected by the incident. It has received about £4000 so far. The organisation is also calling for the Hillsborough disaster to be included in the school curriculum.