A CBJ News’ Investigation into gambling data in the UK: here we look at five thought-provoking charts depicting the current state of the gambling industry in the UK.

1. Comparison of both male and females’ online gambling habits

Despite the common misconception that gambling is a male-dominated habit, the number of women gambling online has risen over the past five years by 7.1%. This is not to say the male number has stayed the same, the number of males gambling has also increased by 5.4%.

2. Reasons why people gamble

The data depicts the motivations behind people placing bets and chancing their luck, for better or worse. Nearly half of all bets were fuelled by individuals’ intense desire to win, whereas only 10% were gambling for a hobby…

… perhaps people just prefer golf nowadays.

3. Online or in-person: How people choose to gamble 

This data shows the sharp increase in the number of people gambling online since 2017 – now, more than half of all gambling activity takes place online. The 16% rise between 2020 and 2021 can perhaps be explained by lockdown restrictions in the UK, but the previous year’s data showed more people were logging on to try and cash in.

4. The sectors of the gambling industry that are growing… and those that aren’t… 

Whilst many of the gambling sources have remained stagnant over the past decade, the fluctuations in remote gambling and the National Lottery have been stark. Remote gambling was almost a footnote of the betting industry in 2010 but had boomed to the front running source of money by the end of the decade.

5. Love it or hate it? The changing attitudes towards gambling

Gambling has often come with negative connotations in the UK and it seems that apathy towards the industry is reaching new peaks. 63% of people surveyed in 2020 think gambling should be discouraged and nearly a third believe it should be banned altogether. Despite this, more people than ever believe gambling is actually good for society…