Showcase Cinema de Lux, Nottingham

Cinemas across the country can now open as of May 17. After months of waiting and many films being delayed, the public are now able to enjoy a film on the big screen.

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Showcase Cinema de Lux in Nottingham has been closed since January 6, 2021 for the third time since the pandemic started. It has left not just cinema goers feeling down, but also employees.

Mark Barlow, General Manager, said: “It’s fair to say it’s been a while since our guests were able to experience films where they are meant to be seen – the big screen. We’re really excited to welcome you all back from May 17.”

The Showcase, based off the A52 in Lenton, has been a prominent landmark in the city for many years and boasts 12 screens, two bars and much more.

“Our staff and customers’ health has been and will continue to be our top priority”

The pandemic has forced many films to delay their release date further such as: James Bond: No Time To Die and Fast And Furious 9. However Showcase will be showing new releases such as: Saw, Peter Rabbit 2, The Croods 2, Jungle Cruise, Hotel Transylvania 4, Cruella and Space Jam: A New Legacy all before the end of July.

The film industry is one of the most valuable industries, with revenues exceeding £1.25 billion at the box office in 2019. However, due to the pandemic revenues fell to just £296 million for 2020.

With cinemas opening up again, with the pandemic still ripe, it has meant that movie theatres have had to adapt once again.

Showcase have introduced the “Be Showcase Safe programme”. This programme was enlisted in summer 2020 and includes: staggered film start times, social distancing measures throughout the cinema and enhanced cleaning regimes.

Cinema goers wearing masks and social distancing during a film – (photographer -GETTY IMAGES)

Although cinemas were closed for the majority of the pandemic, a recent study under the aegis of the Film Industry Safety Management Committee found that of the 33 million worldwide visits to the movie theatre, only 49 people from those visits were later confirmed as having Covid-19.

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With cinemas now back open, the competition is back against the streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, who have enjoyed economic success through the lockdowns.

The streaming service’s memberships increased by 8 million in 2020 alone, bringing the total to more than 32 million subscribers.

As whole, the country appears to be on track for June 21 when all restrictions will be dropped and a somewhat “normal” life will return, meaning plenty of time to grab the popcorn and make your way down to the big screen.