The Palestine flag continues to stand tall

Protesters in Nottingham joined millions of other people spread around the world in a fight against the Israeli military attacks in Gaza.

Nottingham city centre was host to Pro-Palestine protests which began on Saturday, May 15 and lasted throughout the weekend and into Monday, inviting large crowds of people to voice their opinions peacefully.

On Saturday around 500 people attended the protest in the city centre despite the bad weather. Organised by the Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the protest lasted for approximately four hours and the crowd did not stop vocalizing their opinion with loud chants of “Free Palestine”.

At noon, protesters gathered outside the Council House carrying numerous flags and signs. The protest organisers had a microphone and speakers in which they voiced their worry and concern about what is going on in the Middle East and what a member of public can do to help.

“When people were reading out the list of companies which support Israel it really shocked me and stuck with me. The most shocking ones were McDonald’s, Starbucks and Puma.”
Natalia: A Peaceful Protester.

After two hours of stationary protesting, members of the protest decided a march would be better suited, and with that being said protesters headed towards the BBC studios on London Road to ensure their voices were heard.

A police officer at the protest confirmed “the march was not planned” and that “it was a spontaneous decision by those attending”. Once the crowd had arrived at the BBC Studios the chants rapidly changed to “Shame on you BBC” and “Tell the truth BBC” as the hundreds of protesters stood together and made sure their voices were heard.

Free Palestine protest outside BBC Nottingham

As the protest began its peaceful march back in the direction of the city centre, there was a great deal of commotion being caused by a young man, shouting out that someone had been hit by a car.

Soon after ambulances did arrive on the scene to take care of what seemed a scary situation for the other protesters who witnessed the event. Police later confirmed that they arrested a 51-year-old man on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous driving.

A peaceful protester who attended the Nottingham protest explained to CBJ why she wanted to attend and how easy it is to spread the right message.

She also explained how shocked she was with some of the information that was given out by those more vocal: “When people were reading out the list of companies which support Israel it really shocked me and stuck with me.

“The most shocking ones were McDonald’s, Starbucks and Puma”.

As crowds began to depart, one large group stayed in and around Marks and Spencer where a car was playing Palestinian music out loud for the crowd to dance and jeer around. This lasted a short time period before crowds disbursed.

The protest came to an end at a rough time of 4.30 pm, but two women stayed in the square until 6pm encouraging people to join the movement.

On May16 two Israeli air strikes landed in the heart of Gaza killing at least 43 people  including eight children. Fifty more people were left injured with the majority being women.

This brings the death toll up to 197 with the inclusion of a minimum of 58 children and 34 women. So far 1,235 people are known to be injured.

Across social media, there are posts going out for a secondPro-Palestine protest which is being organised for Saturday, May 22 at midday.

Protesters are being asked to meet at Old Market Square. Those organising the protest are emphasising that this protest is purely peaceful and has no intention to turn violent.