Nottinghamshire is “better placed” than most counties when handling stop and search former Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping says.

Data shows that stop and searches conducted by Nottinghamshire Police are more ethnically proportional than stop and searches nationally.

Tipping believes the introduction of body cameras and the ability to scrutinise the footage plays a big role in improving these rates but there is still work to be done.

paddy tipping, former police and crime comissioner

Stop and search was reformed in 2014, with police officers subject to increased scrutiny if found to be not using their powers properly.

Data shows 52% of all stop and searches between 2018-2019 were conducted on White people who make up 95% of Nottinghamshire’s population (2011 Census).

In comparison, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows over half of stop and searches were carried out on Black or Black British people and only 5% on White people.

Despite recent improvements stop and searches still unfairly affects black people in the local area. Tipping states “there is still disproportionality there, but it’s been coming down”.

He says “good and strong relationships with the Black and Asian communities have really been important. There’s been a lot of anxiety and sometimes a lot of anger surrounding it so both nationally and locally we’ve seen rates go down”.

Tipping also believes several recent projects contributed heavily to their stop and search success.

Dozens of ‘Operation Reacher’ teams have been deployed since April 2018, tasked with conducting drug raids and handling other drug-related crime across the county.

Tipping argues the use of intelligence is the main reason why Nottinghamshire Police’s dedicated knife crime team has had a 40% stop and search success rate, the best in England and Wales.

Success is based on the force achieving a positive outcome. This includes:

  • Seizing weapons and/or drugs
  • Making an arrest where necessary
  • Finding further information that can help solve a crime

Stop and search rates are expected to increase as the country recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic.

During his successful 2019 election campaign, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised ”20,000 more bobbies on the beat” as his party takes a tougher stance on policing in the UK.