The chances of getting a blood clot are far higher from the contraceptive pill than the AstraZeneca vaccine. In every 250,000 people – ONE will get a blood clot from the AZ vaccine while 1250 will with the Pill.

Yet under 30s are now being offered an alternative vaccine to the AstraZeneca vaccine after a rare blood clot has been linked to it in which 19 people have died.

Whilst this has caused a stir for many with concerns about now taking the vaccine, it has brought to light that women who take the contraceptive pill are much more likely to get a blood clot than those who have the vaccine.

. 5/10,000 people are at risk of forming blood clots from the contraceptive pill

. 1/250,000 people are at risk of forming blood clots from the Astrazeneca Vaccine

Although healthcare officials are encouraging young people to still receive their vaccination and have offered alternatives to under 30s, women are questioning where the support is for those taking the pill.

Maddie Burns, 21, is one of those who’ve experienced blood clots from her contraceptive pill her just before her Covid vaccination in March.

Lisa Gullick, a general manager at Birmingham Scott Arms Medical Centre, is reassuring young women to continue to take the pill and receive the vaccination.

With women having received the oral contraceptive pill for so many years she feels they don’t need to be concerned.

As well as Lisa encouraging people, Maddie also believes if women are willing to take the contraceptive pill knowing the risk is higher than the vaccine that should, in some way, be ‘reassuring’.

“the only way to move the country forward is if we all get vaccinated”
Lisa Gullick, General manager for Scott Arms Medical Centre

Many took to social media when the news broke out expressing their concerns for women and have been campaigning for more to be done about the risk factor that comes along with the pill.

One of many posts made by the public and instagram influencers demanding for something to be done. about the risk of blood clots in the pill