Gym members must clean the equipment once it's been used.

Some won’t be rushing back as Coronavirus restrictions on gym opening are lifted but personal trainer, Natasha Mane, from Bolton, is thrilled that they’ve re-opened.

However, she is continuing to use live home workouts due to client demand.

“IT’s convenient and it’s cheaper.”
Georgia mulvaney, student at liverpool university

Natasha qualified as a personal trainer during the pandemic and quickly adapted her face-to-face teaching to live workouts via Instagram, in order to meet her clients needs.

Even though gyms have re-opened, Natasha says, “Gym’s have opened and that’s great for people to help with their mental health but the demand isn’t as high as I thought it would be. People have actually been requesting home workouts more frequently.”

“…working out in our living room was honestly terrible.”
Joe Stewart, student at Manchester University

Working out from home versus going to the gym has seemed to cause a split in public opinion.

Gym members must clean the equipment once it’s been used in order to follow coronavirus safety guidelines.

Student Joe Stewart, 21, found home workouts almost impossible while living with five others in his student house in Manchester.

He said, “Working out six of us…all working out in our living room was honestly horrible.”

Many feel the same way. However student, Georgia Mulvaney, 21, has a different view.

“Before lockdown I used to go to the gym about three times a week. When lockdown hit I decided to start Courtney Black’s workouts…I still do them because I prefer working out in my living room then working out in a gym because it’s just convenient and its cheaper.” she said.

“…the gym would be a breeding ground for corona.”
Paul chase

Many are anxious about the return to the gym as it is a small space with people using the same equipment.

Equipment is out of order to ensure members can keep a safe 2 metre distance.

Paul Chase, 59, from Bolton says, “It seems to me like the gym would be a breeding ground for corona. I know there are precautions put into place but you never know if someone in there is going to be positive. It’s not as if you get tested before you go in.”

In a poll on Instagram 72% of people were ready to get back to the gym but a small percentage are not ready and may never be.

Personal trainers and gyms may well have to adapt to meet the needs of those wanting to workout from home and those ready to break a sweat in the gym.