Tamworth's vacant Police Station © Lucy Ecclestone

A Tamworth local is worried that, with no police station in the town,  crime will continue after she saw her car being stolen.

Tamworth police station closed down on May 17, 2019 with evidence from Staffordshire Police that there had been a decrease in residents using police front counters.

With the Police Station being situated in Tamworth town centre, this was ideal for reporting crime in the area. This now affects the ability to report a crime and get an instant response.

Lyn Petricca, a resident who has lived in Tamworth for over 35 years, said she has witnessed crime on her street, but by the time the police have arrived, the alleged criminals have fled from the scene.

“Family and friends including myself all fell victims to crime, having our cars and houses broken into. it’s devastating.”

Lyn Petricca

“I’m not happy with not having a local police station. I have rung the police on numerous occasions when I’ve seen people stealing cars in my own street which I sadly fell a victim to. By the time the police had arrived, they had stolen the car.

“Family and friends including myself all fell victims to crime having our cars, houses broken into. It’s devastating.

“We have to call police who have to come from further afield.”

Although the police station is now vacant, there are police officers based at the Tamworth Community Fire Station in Belgrave who operate in the area. Staffordshire Police have also said that the closure will make no difference to how the area is policed.

Other ways of contacting Staffordshire Police have moved onto social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Having Tamworth police station was another way of reporting crime if a member of the public had no access to a phone or social media.

PC James Rowley from Staffordshire Police said: “It’s reduced the ability for the elderly population to walk into the station and report a crime.

AUDIO: PC James Rowley speaks out about other options Staffordshire Police and PCSO’s can offer since Police Station closure.

“If the elderly population get in touch, we have PCSOs and PCs that will go and visit the elderly.

“Yes, it prevents people from going into the police station, but it means that we can visit anyone that needs us to.

“Residents shouldn’t be concerned as there are a lot of police out there covering the area.

“Crime fluctuates throughout the year. However, with the pandemic, there has been an increase in Covid-19 restriction breaches.

“As police we work out the best strategy for the community, we are here to protect and care for you.”