Many couples are waiting anxiously to find out if they will be able to have there perfect day with no rules once all coronavirus restrictions are lifted on the June 21st.

This year has been hard for so many people, however, it has been especially hard for couples due to get married. Many have had to delay or even cancel their wedding due to social distancing restrictions.

For the most of the pandemic weddings could only take place with a few guests and no reception.

Only 15 people can attend wedding ceremonies and receptions and no earlier than 17th May this number could rise to 30 guests depending on case rates.

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  • 21% of couples had to postponed their weddings in 2020
  • 41.5% have been moved from last year to this year.
  • 7% of weddings have been cancelled during the pandemic.
  • 58% of couples had to cut down their guest count by an average of 4%.

Becky Higgins, bride to be this year, has been planning her wedding for over two years.

She is hopping that her big day will take place, however she believes that getting married is the most important part for them and if that is in front of fewer family members then so be it.


Some weddings have still taken places and, although it wasn’t the day they had planned, it still went well for Loretta and Liam Smith who got married last September.

” I couldn’t of wished for a better day.”

Liam Smith, Groom

It’s not just the bride and groom who are happy with the easing of restrictions. Wedding photographers have also suffered a great deal.

Emma Ryan, a wedding photographer from North Yorkshire. Over the last two years her career has been put on a massive hold.

She’s had a number of bookings postponed or cancelled but she is booked up for next year. She says there will be a increase in her prices due to not being able to offer the same service she once did before the pandemic.

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