Ciaran Reed, Conservative county council candidate for Three Rivers, and Dean Russell, Member of Parliament for Watford.
Ciaran Reed, Conservative candidate in two elections,, and Dean Russell, MP for Watford

A 20-year-old teaching assistant has become one of the youngest candidates in the 2021 local elections, standing for both district and county councils in Hertfordshire.

Ciaran Reed is the Conservative Party candidate for Chorleywood North and Sarratt ward on Three Rivers District Council as well as the Three Rivers rural division of Hertfordshire County Council.

Mr Reed studied politics at Leeds University for a year before dropping out during the pandemic.

However, he spent his time in Leeds making key connections with the Conservative Party and he has been a volunteer in Hertfordshire since returning from university.

Matthew Cawthorne, district candidate for Gade Valley, joins Russell and Reed for leafleting in Hunton Bridge.
Matthew Cawthorne, district candidate for Gade Valley, joins MP Dean Russell and Ciaran Reed leafleting in Hunton Bridge

Leafleting around Hunton Bridge, Mr Reed said: “I have a focus on protecting the character of the area and education.

“I will push for a local plan from the Three Rivers District Council so that local people’s votes matter more on building in their villages.

“On the county council I want to support education through ensuring that schools in Three Rivers Rural have access to the localities’ budget as a part of the wider education scheme in Hertfordshire that has kept every single library open even through austerity.”

Speaking to Hunton Bridge residents, Mr Reed was made aware of a contentious issue regarding the proposed building of a Moto service station at the nearby M25/A41 junction that would create a predicted increased traffic flow of 10,000 cars a day along Watford Way, the main road close to the Hunton Bridge area.

Reed has only just returned to leafleting due to the easing of lockdown restrictions.
Mr Reed has returned to leafleting due to the easing of lockdown restrictions

Residents claimed that the development would devalue their homes and make them consider moving away from the area.

Mr Reed responded by promising to vote against the development if he is voted onto the county council.

Three Rivers Rural County Councillor candidates:

Simon Diggins (Independent), Ciaran Reed (Conservative), Roger Stafford (Green), Darren Steer (Labour), Phil Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Chorleywood North and Sarratt District Councillor candidates:

Margaret Gallagher (Labour), Peter Loader (Green), Ciaran Reed (Conservative), Ben Trevett (Liberal Democrat), David Zerney (Independent)