Vedrana Greblo, pilates instructor and founder of Online Fitness Buzet

Croatian pilates instructor Vedrana Greblo has spoken about the challenges she has faced providing online tutorials and keeping her business going.

After creating the online fitness group Online Fitness Buzet, Greblo said she had tried to make at-home workouts “at home friendly”.

She is renowned for incorporating household appliances like large bottles of water and cushions in place of exercise equipment.

There has been a lack of women partaking in the sessions as members do not have the space to do it in their houses or they face other problems such as connectivity issues.

AUDIO: Vedrana Greblo talks about the challenges of holding classes online

Greblo said she really enjoyed providing the sessions but she has revealed that sometimes she tends to feel quite sad because of the move from exercising in a group, within a communal space, to her putting out an online tutorial where she cannot see the participants: “I often miss being able to feel the energy within the room during sessions.”

Recording sessions on her mobile phone and turning her basement into a makeshift studio, she worked with what she had.

She revealed the transition was done quite rapidly and “it was like yesterday we were in the gym and the next day we had to move it all online.”

Greblo has engaged with many online workshops about pilates, admiting she has probably educated herself more online than she would have done if gyms had stayed open.

Online Fitness Buzet intends to carry on posting online content as well as returning to in-person classes.