Nottingham's theatre royal, among all the venues that have been closed since March 2020.

The most recent statistics show that the creative sector contributes over £111.7 billion a year to the UK economy.  The performing arts industry in particular usually contributes over £10.8 billion alone.

However, it has taken a massive hit since the beginning of the pandemic, with multiple national lockdowns resulting in the closure of all venues around the country.

After an extremely hard year for those in the performing arts industry, many performers and showrunners are hopeful that the Government’s roadmap to freedom will have them back on stage by May 17th 2021.

The UK Governments roadmap to take the country out of lockdown.

Over 55,000 jobs have been lost in the arts in the UK since the first lockdown in March, with the number still increasing. However, those in the industry are hopeful that the future is looking bright.

“I think they’ll be a boom… if we can urge as many people to get out and see it and support it, it will get back on its feet.”
Andrea Lowe, PPA Principle

Principle of Performance Preparation Academy (PPA) Andrea Lowe says “The nation has been starved of the arts for a year” so she is certain there will be plenty of opportunities as her students look for jobs.


Like many, Andrea is confident that the industry will be back up and running in no time, as so many people have missed being able to go to the theatre, cinema and concerts.

She says “I think there’ll be a boom…if we can urge as many people to get out and see it and support it, it will get back on its feet”.

Over the last year social media has been taken by storm by the #SaveTheArts movement, where those within the industry have been urging the Government and public to support workers in creative industries during the pandemic after the lack of funds given to those in creative jobs during the national lockdowns.


One of Andrea’s students is Alex Mountford


But what does the future of this industry look like post Covid?

Many production companies have already began holding auditions and starting rehearsals for a hopeful return this summer. This including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of Cinderella.

London Theatre Direct has also began releasing performance dates all throughout the summer with the likes of Come From Away, Sister Act and Hairspray selling tickets right now!

Since the release of the roadmap out of restrictions, thousands more people have been vaccinated and infection rates have been declining.

There is optimism across the nation for a summer free of legal limits. It hopefully won’t be too much longer before the stage doors open and the UK’s talent can perform once again.


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