Fitpod 25 is set to open later on this year. Credit: Marie Wilson @NottinghamPost

FitPod 25 is set to open in Nottingham city centre where gym-goers will work out in individual pods for 25 minutes sessions.


The concept behind ‘FitPod 25’ came from business owner Nathan Newton-Willington after hearing at his former gym how tedious exercise can be for many gym-goers.

He said: “This idea solves three problems with number one being we’re all short on time. The second part is a lot of people are self-conscious in the gym and third, people are also concerned about coronavirus now as well”.

Business owner Nathan explains the type of experience he wants his customers to receive. 

The gym is currently under construction but hopes to open its doors at the beginning of May. Credit: @FitPod 25/Facebook.

Although Nathan’s idea was not inspired by the coronavirus pandemic he said that while other businesses have had to adapt to make their premises Covid-safe, Fitpod 25 has not because the model they created already overcomes these issues.

“Unless you knew we started this three years ago it looks like we’ve responded to the pandemic but we haven’t.”

Members of this gym will be able to maintain social distancing while they work-out because you exercise individually in a designated pod.

“We are the safest facility you can walk in to regarding coronavirus”

Nathan Newton-willington

Nathan, who is also a fitness instructor, said there will be seven to nine classes per day from 6am to 8pm.

The 32 year-old from Grantham said that the sessions will be tailored to each individual’s gym experience.

“We’re an experience first and a work-out second”


“If you’re someone who has never been to a gym before or if you do little bit of fitness and need more guidance, then we’re perfect for you”

“If you’re an athlete, we’re not for you”

The gym will see individuals work-out for short 25 minute sessions.

The gym is located in Nottingham city centre on Upper Parliament Street.

A recent survey carried out by RunRepeat found that the pandemic has had a significant impact on gym members:

  • 70.97% of gym members are still not exercising at their gyms.
  • 55.57% of gym members have either cancelled (29.80%) or paused (25.76%) their memberships
  • Less than half (48.24%) said they would return when they themselves are vaccinated
  • Another 24.24% will return, but not until their family, friends, and loved ones are also vaccinated.

The new gym is hoping to open it doors at the end of April or the beginning of May 2021.

Customers will be able to purchase a membership, class packages or drop in for a session.

You can find out more about Fitpod 25 by visiting their Facebook or Instagram page.

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