Excited dog

A new dog bakery is set to open up in the Victoria Centre in Nottingham

Frenchie Frenchie is the Uk’s first unique luxury Dog Cafe & Barkery.

The owners were contacted by the Victoria Centre and invited to set up the UK’s first standalone ‘barkery’ in a major shopping centre.

The ‘barkery’ will be located outside of the O2 Shop located inside the Victoria Centre. It will be selling dog-friendly goodies such as Pupcorn, Chocopaws and WoofNUTS with lots of variety for even the most difficult to please dogs.

Some of the tasty treats available – just for dogs

Owners Arran Hoblin, 29 and Liam Giles, 28 are the brains behind the barkery and are excited about the progress they’ve made, despite Covid challenges.

“The concept we’ve created hasn’t been done before. There are dog cafes and dog restaurants but they are for us to enjoy”.

Arran Hoblin

“No one has really put the sole focus on the dog, until now. We’ve had four short months of trading and scaling up is really exciting for us”.

They aim to open on the 12th of April in line with government advice and plan for a grand opening on the 17th.

Frenchie Frenchie opened their first shop in 2019 and more than 2,500 four-legged-friends and have visited.

They hope opening in the Victoria Centre will attract more customers and help them expand further in the future.

“Our 5-year plan is to open more kiosks, open a few more shops and get our core offerings across the county”. said Arran.

Sneak preview of the shop

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