Burton St, Nottingham

Major changes are facing motorists in Nottingham, including the speed limit in the city centre being reduced to 20mph.

It follows a successful bid by Nottingham city council for £2 million from the government’s active travel fund.

The changes announced include the closure of Victoria Embankment to through traffic and to make permanent “school street” schemes across the city.

The council said: “This funding will enable us to build on and improve our existing measures, and deliver new schemes. We’re also really pleased to see greater emphasis on consultation, so we can ensure we’re putting the right measures in the right places.”

Burton Street which will become a 20mph zone if the proposals are brought in

Reaction has been mixed. Jamie Chillman, who is an active member of a road safety awareness group, said: “People are encouraged to walk and cycle a lot more now because of the pandemic, so for safety reasons slowing down to 20mph will not be too catastrophic.

“At slower speeds you have more control of your vehicle, looking after the people around you.”

Some disagreed with the proposed move including Euan Elder, who frequently drives in and around the city centre to get to work.

“I think it’s a ridiculous move. You have to go slow enough as it is.

“You can get stuck behind a bus for hours. I can’t help but imagine the amount of time on top of my journey this would make if these changes go ahead.”

“There are winners and losers. you’re not going to satisfy everyone”

David Thornhill, Sustainable Transport, Nottingham

Sustainable Transport Nottingham is a group looking at the transport around the city.

Chairman David Thornhill said they were in favour in principle with the changes including the new 20mph limit.

“But on one or two of the main routes in and out of the city the new 20mph limit does extend beyond the city centre and that could, late at night or on a Sunday, impact on the reliability of buses.

“Twenty mph at certain times of the day does have an impact on bus timetables and the city needs to talk to bus operators.”

Victoria Embankment which would be closed to through traffic

On the closure of Victoria Embankment, Thornhill said that “the zone is for relaxation and walking and not for supporting a through route for motor traffic, so we do support the move to make it closed to traffic.

“Those who use it use it as a rat run and it increases traffic to The Meadows. So there are winners and losers. You’re not going to satisfy everyone. But that should be for walkers and cyclists only. We do support the city on that.”

The organisation is encouraging members to respond to the changes individually but is working on a whole group reply to the speed changes in the city centre.

Nottingham city council is asking for responses no later than Friday, April 2.