BLONDES - (from left to right) Tom, Will, Stroud and Alex Credits to Lewis Evans (Instagram @lewsvans)

Nottingham’s Indie-Rock Band Blondes who went TikTok viral with their catchy single ‘Coming of Age’ have announced their first ever record  deal with C3 Records.

With C3 record’s rich history in the music industry, such as managing The Strokes and organising Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, the Nottingham-based band has been given a solid next-step to their dream in making it big into the music industry.

Blondes’ bass guitarist Tom believes signing with C3 Records is a life-changing opportunity for the band, he says ‘it will give us the chance to pursue our ambitions’.

BLONDES – photography credits to Lewis Evans (Instagram @lewsvans)

Blondes guitarist Alex said,”It feels amazing to be signed. I feel like it still hasn’t really sunk in yet because of the unique circumstances of lockdown, conversations with C3 have only been over Zoom. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’ll be able to head to the US and meet the label in person.”

Blondes lead singer also said, ”Having the backing of C3 will allow us to be bolder and more creative when it comes to writing new music.”

”  we just can’t wait to release new music as a signed band.”

Will, Blondes lead singer

Forming whilst studying at University of Nottingham, the band began three years ago. The members of the band met as Freshers from disparate areas of the UK; London, Lincoln, Maidstone and, in the case of two of them, Chester. In their first year together, they started out as playing covers in local bars, where they then started building a growing following of local fans.

In October 2020, the social media app TikTok catapulted the band to their next steps. Their single ‘Coming of Age’ went viral and became a trend as it featured on thousands of videos on the platform, resulting in more than a million steams of the song and over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

”We were all recovering from covid when it first took off and we couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Those first couple of days were absolutely insane.”

Tom, Blondes Bass Guitarist

The band has since created and released a new music video on youtube for their famously known single.

Blondes Coming of Age music video

To celebrate the release of their new music video, Blondes have announced the new launch of their website along with a line of a limited edition ‘Coming of Age’ T-Shirts.

Blondes fan Josh Hughes sporting their new Coming of Age T-shirt

The band have also revealed that they will be releasing new music in just a couple of weeks.

Stay updated on Blondes social media and website to find out more about the bands latest music, event dates and merch!

Instagram: @blondesband