Nottingham’s first ever meat-free butcher and delicatessen is set to open its doors on April 1st.

Following a successful four years as co-founders and owners of No. Twelve, Houndsgate, Richard Stainsby and Lauren Nally are ready to take their meat-free culinary craft to the next level.

Credit: Joseph Raynor, Nottingham Post
Ritchie Stainsby and Lauren Nally at the Mansfield Road site. (Credit: Joseph Raynor, Nottingham Post).

After a year in the works, Faux Butcher’s extensive selection includes artisan cheeses and a host of handcrafted meatless products.

“We started introducing a few plant-based alternatives (in the restaurant), things like meatballs and the like and people thought this was better than what was already on the market and then we got locked down” Ritchie says.

Ritchie, who is also the Head Chef at No. Twelve, believes lockdown provided the “perfect time and opportunity to put all of our creativity into action”.


According to restaurant manager Lauren, lockdown may well have been a blessing in disguise: “We never really had the time to do more, so it’s pushed us in the right direction and here we are”.

Faux offers a range of meatless products that go beyond what is usually found in supermarkets selling products from glazed pork belly and sticky brisket to Ritchie’s personal favourite, the chicken thigh.

Faux have spent the last few years testing different cooking methods to create amazing meatless products.

  • An estimated 9% of the UK population (almost 6 million) are either vegetarian or vegan.
  • In 2016, this figure was estimated to be around 1.5 million.
  • Deliveroo has also seen a strong rise in vegan orders in recent years with more and more businesses opening their doors to the public.

The couple are also working with a number of local independent businesses to add to their deli options which will offer sandwiches, bagels, cakes, pastries, coffees, cold drinks and other snacks.

Faux believe they have found really enjoyable vegan cheese, something that is hard to find, by working with an independent cheesemonger who create fresh produce on order.


“Thinking about the planet goes hand-in-hand with a vegan or plant-based diet”

Lauren Nally, co-founder, Faux Butcher

Though the couple admit plant-based options are often expensive, they believe they have found a balance making their fresh and local range affordable to local residents including students.

Beth Free, a student at Nottingham Trent University is looking forward to the Faux’s opening in early April:


Beth believes more young people need to be aware of the detrimental impact the meat market and in particular, meat processing has on greenhouse gas emissions and the planet.

This is also echoed by Lauren, says “we will do anything we can to stop the cruelty of animals so that’s a big thing for us and I think a lot more people nowadays are getting into the same mindset”.

She adds “thinking about the planet, reducing plastic and buying local: these things go hand-in-hand with a vegan or plant-based diet”.

Another resident thinks the opening of the Mansfield Road based business will only be positive for the community:

Faux insist they will use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and they will be collaborating and supporting other independent local businesses in the process.

For vegetarians, vegans or anyone wanting to try something new, Faux Butchers will almost certainly be on their menu.