Mark Lily (left) and Seb Vander (right) busking together for the first time

With music studios and venues closed, the Covid-19 pandemic in many ways have turned the music industry upside down – with so much free time in lockdown many young unsigned musicians have found themselves inspired to get creative.

Guitarist Seb Vander, 20, from Sheffield, found that lockdown gave him the time to reflect more about his goals in music and what his next steps were going to be during his early stages as a musician.

”the time spent in lockdown has definitely helped increase my creativity with my work in music.

Seb Vander

With hours on end in lockdown, continuously working on music with his housemate Mark Lily, Seb found the courage to do something he had never done before – busking.

Seb says one of the big factors why he chose to busk during a time when restrictions had eased was because he believed it was best time to get some publicity with his music.

”To be honest I felt people needed some live entertainment after being at home for so long, and so what better time than now and going out busking with Mark really made it a less daunting experience”.

Both Seb and Mark strictly followed Covid-19 rules during their time out busking.

Seb Vander (left) and Mark Lily (right) practising a song they created in lockdown.

Ryan Hale, 21, bass guitarist for a new restructured band ‘The Black Vipers’, has also found that the free time in lockdown has helped the development in his own and as well as his band’s music.

Ryan Hale, The Black Vipers bass guitarist

Ryan says that though some privileges were taken away, the amount of time he had to himself during lockdown gave him a boost to his motivation with his work. ”It has made creating and completing music more rewarding” he says.

Since October 2020, The Black Vipers have been working hard on their new image and branding, and despite the difficulties of not being able to meet in person, each member in the band did not give up. With more time to spare and commit to, The Black Vipers had a flourish of new creative ideas within their music.

” One of the biggest musical achievement to come out of this lockdown is that the black vipers have been able to produce a 5 track ep. all completely WRITTEN, MIXED, RECORDED and mastered in lockdown”

Ryan Hale

Ryan felt that musical achievements they’ve had in the band was probably one of the best things to have come out of this lockdown.