Children back to school during pandemic,

Schools across the UK are returning back to face to face learning for the first time in several months. Although many parents and teachers are eager for pupils to return to school, there are some concerns over new rules and regulations and whether young pupils are going to adjust quickly.

For nurseries and primary schools, staff are excited about the pupils getting back into the routine of going to school in person and interacting with other children.

Although it has been said that younger pupils do not have to wear face coverings, there are still mixed emotions on how well the children will adapt to the schools hours and face to face learning.

“Young children are adaptable and i think they will enjoy being back In classrooms with friends”

– Primary school teacher, Susan Bowel
Early Years teacher, Susan Bowel
Early years teacher from Wolverhampton, Susan Bowel, teaches four to five-year-olds and says that, even though she thinks it will be challenging for the first couple of weeks, the children are adaptable. Mrs Bowel says, “I know there will be some children who are excited and others who are nervous about coming back to school.

“Although all of the staff’s main priority is getting all the children settled and back into learning, the kids will be focused on seeing their friends and socialising outside of their house for the first time in a while, so it will be refreshing for everyone.”




“all children have their good days and bad days when it comes to school, but i hope they adapt well to the new routine.”

-Emma Akers, Mother of Three


Children Online learning, Shelli

Mother of three, Emma Akers, says that although her children are excited to go back to school to see friends and teachers, she worries it will be difficult to get them back into the school routine.

“Children are resilient so I know after the first couple of weeks they will be settled into school life.

“However, with one of my children having special needs, it was a huge struggle to get him to focus on his online classes but now he’s finally settled with that children are going back to school.

“A set routine for my children surrounding school is vital so i’m happy they are finally having a bit of normality back into their lives and will be able to see friends and have face to face learning.”

There are some concerns surrounding pupils returning to school, especially with younger students, but many teachers are optimistic and excited to get back into classrooms and teach in person. With pupils and teachers following government guidelines, face to face learning in schools will be safe and enjoyable.

For more information about new rules and regulations surrounding children returning to school go to the government website. At