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Employees looking for a new job may have to have the Covid-19 vaccination as companies rewrite their contracts to ensure that staff have had the jab.

Some companies such as London firm Pimlico Plumbers have already said new staff should get the vaccine as a condition of their contract.

Barchester Healthcare which has a number of care homes across the country have taken a similar stance, stating “we are ensuring that all new staff must have the vaccination (if they medically can) before starting work looking after our vulnerable residents and patients who are in our care.”

“It would be a good idea… but what about those who aren’t in the vulnerable groups?”
cerys roberts, supermarket employee

Although it has not yet been made legal, the policy has raised questions as to what this means for existing staff.

Retail worker Cerys Roberts said: “I would happily get the vaccine if it was offered to me and I think that all retail workers should be offered it, regardless if they’re new or have worked at the company for years.

“It would be a good idea – but what about those who aren’t in the vulnerable groups?”

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There are concerns that those who are last in line for coronavirus vaccinations such as young people may be more affected by this policy than others. Kevin Hall, 49, from Hertfordshire, has been trying to find a job since he was furloughed and worries that this policy will stop him from getting one.

“It’s hard enough getting a job as it is during the pandemic and since I’m young and am most likely going to be the last group to get the vaccine, knowing that I might possibly be turned down for jobs because I can’t get it isn’t fair at all.”

It is up to the individual companies to decide whether to enforce this policy, taking into account the health and safety risks and those who cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons. Regardless, The Prime Minister’s official spokesman says that it is “discriminatory to force someone to take one”.