Covid-19 has led to many businesses shutting down.

A 35-year-old woman from Leicester who works in the finance industry has said she has been made redundant because of Covid-19.

Arti Whitesize applied for a job during the pandemic: “I was reassured that the job would be vital. However, they’ve now said redundancies are based on the fact that people are interacting with banks in different ways.”

She said she felt let down by her employers but understood they had been put in a difficult position.

Arti who is married and wants to start a family with her husband has had to re-evaluate her plans.

Various petitions have been set up across the UK to try to stop compulsory redundancies including one on the website.

The Office for National Statistics has said that the number of people being made redundant in the UK almost doubled in the three months leading up to August 202, increasing by 114,000 to reach 227,000.