Student engaging with her schools 'off screen day' by reading

With schools returning no earlier than Monday 8th March, students and teachers continue to navigate remote learning. However, many schools have found it vital to incorporate off-screen time into the school schedule to benefit staff, students and parents’ mental well-being. 

There has been much discussion surrounding the impact of the pandemic on children’s mental health, and with the level of uncertainty both students, parents and teachers are facing, many schools want to ensure that students and staffs’ well-being is looked after.

“Given the pressures on everyone it is in the interests of the wellbeing of
students, parents, and teachers that we build in some ‘off-screen’ time.”
Ian Bacon, Headteacher

Schools up and down the country have introduced ‘Off-screen days’. The idea being that students, parents and members of staff breakaway from their remote learning routines and do something a little bit different that doesn’t involve a screen.

Head of sixth form, Samantha Payne, spoke about her school incorporating time into their remote learning schedule, encouraging students to do activities that don’t involve a digital device.


Headteacher, Ian Bacon, addressed why his school have chosen to engage in ‘off-screen days’ saying “Sitting in front of an electronic device may be an efficient medium for remote learning but it can cause stress, poor posture, difficulty sleeping, headaches etc.”

He is hoping students specifically will use the dedicated day to do activities that will develop other non-digital skills such as: reading a book, cooking a meal or painting a picture.

Educational service Pobble have been releasing non-screen activity ideas across social media since the first lockdown to give students, parents and teachers inspiration:

More resources for students and teachers can be found on the Pobble website.

School staff and parents have got involved on social media by sharing what their students and children got up to on their days off screens.

There is a world of activities that don’t involve technology, so why not give some a try! Let us know what activities you got up to on an ‘off-screen day’ using the hashtag #offscreenactivity and tagging us @CBJNews.