In the UK over 13 million people have had a Coronavirus vaccination since December 2020.

As the vaccinations continue there has been a reduced number of people getting seriously ill with Coronavirus.

Currently two vaccines have been approved and they have been administered on a health priority basis.

They were developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca to protect against the side effects of Covid-19.

The Moderna Vaccination has also been approved.

Vaccine priority is decided due to the vulnerability of people to the virus.

Out of 265,295 residents from old age care homes the Coronavirus jab has been given to 94% of them that are eligible for it.

“I’m hoping that these vaccinations will give people some hope”
Kathie Stevenson, Nurse Manager

Due to testing positive in the last 28 days or as a result of medical conditions 28,000 care home residents have not been able to receive their jab.

In South Lanarkshire 90-year-old Annie Innes was the very first care home resident to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.


By this Monday (February 15th), Boris Johnson hopes that all over 70s and extremely vulnerable will have received their first jab.

This is down to the various testing centres across the UK, delivering vaccines quickly and efficiently.

Julian Mitchell, the director of Cornwalls pharmacy, believes the vaccination sites are a success.

More from Julian’s interview can be seen below.

Managing nurse, Kathie Stevenson, received both of her Coronavirus vaccinations earlier this month.

“It’s been amazing how quickly we were able to get our jabs and how simple the process was, the team were amazing”

“I’m hoping that these vaccinations will give people some hope when going forward, we are finally getting somewhere, even if it will take some time”

“I urge everyone to get the vaccine as soon as you are offered it because it will make a difference and without it we won’t be able to have some normality.”

“It’s nothing to be scared about, find out more information if you are unsure, there’s loads about it on the NHS website.”

More information about when you will be eligible for the vaccine can be found on and more about the vaccine itself can be found on