Spotify have plans for a new feature which will allow them to use your voice to establish your mood, gender and age. 

The music streaming platform made a patent application saying they wanted this information so they could provide users with more specialised playlists.

Approval for the patent was given last month after plans were filed in early 2018.

“In terms of gender, I don’t believe it is as clear cut as they think”

Yasmina Begum, Devoted Spotify User

Spotify say ‘Karaoke’ will be able to help create personal playlists, depending on a users assumed gender, age, mood and accent, all through speech recognition technology.

But some users are apprehensive.

Personalisation is on trend, but users worry that their privacy may be at risk and are beginning to rethink their subscriptions.

Yasmina Begum, a Fashion Marketing student based in Nottingham, has used Spotify for five years, and believes that determining specific characteristics isn’t clear cut.

Especially when it comes to gender.

“This is something that is very personal to people and often these are not things that can be assumed based on your voice,” Begum said.

Begum said while she liked the idea of personalisation she “didn’t agree with” the voice recognition feature. 

Spotify has 286 million active users with more than half of them paying for premium memberships. 

It has also patented technology that would help match the tempo of music to your running speed.

Hannah Braybrooke, Abigail Hanney, Tiernan Phipps, Caitlin Atkinson and Yasmin Stephenson explain their love for Spotify.

An official date for the launch of the new feature is yet to be released.