Young or old everyone is affected by the Coronavirus but it seems in different ways, but is the virus treated differently by the varying age groups?

When both get their Covid vaccinations how will this change their lives and views of going out?

Beatrice Harrison, who’s 20, has been given her vaccine as she suffers from an autoimmune condition. She is currently studying at Exeter University and feels her life at uni has consisted of a fairly safe environment.

Beatrice Harrison

She says before she had her vaccine she wasn’t too scared to go out because she felt she was constantly surrounded by the same group of people. It was only when she went home she was concerned about taking the virus back to her parents.

Her early vaccination because of her condition meant she was slightly more conscious of the virus than her fellow university peers, but did not feel she would get very ill if she did end up getting the vaccine, and was therefore still happy to go out and mix with fellow students.

She said:

Beatrice was still able to have a social life even with the constraints of the vaccine and she didn’t believe her condition was life threatening.

On the other hand, 78-year-old Mary Wilson, who lives in Southport, is part of the elderly community who have been able to get their vaccination.

Mary says she has been very careful before her vaccination, and has tried her best to keep away from people, only going out once a week with her husband Tony (82) to go to her local supermarket for food.

Tony Wilson (left) and Mary Wilson (right)

She says on the whole she’s found people have been very conscientious are careful around her:

Mary suffers with breathing problems, so has only gone out when necessary and has mainly stayed in her house and pottered around in her garden.

Now both Beatrice and Mary have had their Covid vaccinations will their lives be drastically impacted?

“I feel less scared but still feel my life will go on as usual”                                              Beatrice Harrison

Beatrice says now she has had her vaccine “I feel less scared but still feel my life will go on as usual”, she now feels more comfortable about going out, and will continue to do so.

She feels this doesn’t really affect her friends as they will continue to mix with others and are far more laid back about the virus because to them it is not life threatening.

For Mary her life will stay about the same, she says she will still go out once a week for her food shopping but felt more comfortable going on walks with her husband Tony.

However, the new South African variant has been found area of Southport where she lives. Her life once again has been more restricted because of fears of the new virus, she does her food shopping online and is less accustomed to going out.

It feels never ending for Mary, but she is looking forward to getting her life back and able to see her friends when restrictions are eventually lifted.

Two very different people both affected by the virus but arguably one far more restricted than the other.