2021 did not quite get the start everyone was hoping for, Lockdown overtaking the country again, non essential shops back to square one of 2020’s first lockdown in March. The public have been dreaming of their new years resolution whether that be: losing weight, eating more healthier or even just it being to start being more active it was supposed to become a reality this year. But things are looking a bit harder as gyms have been shut and come under the ”non essential” category but how can people still stay motivated in times like this?


The pandemic has lead many people finding different ways of losing weight during quarantine, recent studies have shown that the popular app ”My fitness pal” has seen the growth of users from 75 million in 2014 to 180 million users in 2020 with over 7 billion items of food saved in its database so the user can then count their calories whatever their fitness goal may be, this happened all because of the corona virus pandemic.


Tashana Gregory, personal trainer
Tashana Gregory -a Personal Trainer

Tashana Gregory,18, is a fitness trainer


”A lot of people they have their goal sets, they are ready to go”

The general public are motivated but often step back as if there is no quick results they would see it as a failure. When this is not the case a little determination with lots of patience goes a long way.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic hopes are still looking bright for the fitness group of people