Crystal Palace football club is set to become the largest COVID-19 vaccination centre in London, ensuring that those who are on the list will receive the vaccine swiftly and safely.

The football club are working alongside the NHS, volunteers as well as the staff at the football stadium and are providing a venue for the vaccination.

Queue for vaccination outside Selhurst Park

Staff of the football club have allegedly reported that they have been approached by NHS that they are on the list to receive the vaccination, without their knowledge.

Although staff members did not volunteer themselves to get the vaccine, it has been strongly advised they do, as they are working face to face with the public.

Inside the vaccination centre

A member of staff protested that they should have been told in advance and should be given formal documents to sign. The NHS however have insisted that workers who do not get the vaccine will not be able to work on the grounds.

This was later confirmed by a member of management, who insisted on either getting the vaccination, or finding another job role. The argument of working face to face with the public at the grounds remained as staff may put people at risk.

One NHS worker explained to CBJSpotlight she had no idea she was on the list for the vaccination.

“I was questioned by NHS Staff, they told me because I am in contact with the public, I would have to have it

307 vaccinations have taken place at the stadium to date while over 9.3 Million people across the UK have received their first jab .