There are over 1,200 Dominos Pizza restaurants in the United Kingdom

Pizza-lovers across the UK have become furious over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those who have food allergies.

Coeliacs, who can’t eat gluten, have not been able to order pizza from Domino’s since March last year. 11 months on customers are questioning why Domino’s can’t accommodate them.

Outrage sparked on the social media platform, Twitter, when Domino’s announced they were beginning to run a simplified menu in March 2020. Many customers felt their desires were not cared about, only the general population.

So customers waited, and waited, and waited. But nothing changed. And after nearly a year, people are getting sick of waiting for their favorite pizza brand to recognise what they want.

Nick Sutton, who was diagnosed with coeliac disease ten years ago, is furious that Domino’s still haven’t found a way to make Gluten Free pizzas. Himself, along with many other people, has felt ignored for a long time,

‘I honestly think its disgusting that this pandemic has been going on for a year now and Domino’s still haven’t found a way to cater for coeliac people.’

‘I don’t really think there’s an excuse for it because their rivals Pizza Hut have been accommodating for gluten-free people the whole time.’

In a press release from Domino’s back in December, they told customers that they’ve had to run a simplified menu because they need to ‘meet new food and safety regulations.’

Domino’s Press Release

‘The new guidance set out by local authorities mean some major changes in the Domino’s kitchens; we’ve reduced the number of team members preparing each pizza due to social distancing measures, we’ve introduced procedures to stop crossover in the ingredients and prep area, and restricted the number of people working on the oven.’

‘To enable all the above means the specific areas we previously had to make GF pizzas are no longer available – and of course sending them down the makeline with other products mean we can no longer guarantee the gluten free status of your pizza.’

‘Both customer and team members safety are always our number one priority. We’re really sorry about all this, and we are working hard to bring back the full Domino’s menu soon.’

‘While we can’t provide an exact date for the return of gluten free pizzas, we promise that we’re continuously looking at ways to get gluten free dough back in our ovens and delivered safely to your doors (contact free, of course).’

Fan’s of the well-known fast food chain turned to Twitter to complain about the lack of change, including Dan Griffith RD, who is a HCPC Registered Dietitian.

@DanGriffithRD turned to Twitter to complain

Another user, @dorithecat0325, showed her outrage at the lack of consideration from the pizza chain.

@Dorithecat0325 ‘s views on the issue

The main source of the fury, is that Domino’s are catering for vegans. Despite many people being told by a registered physician that they should be vegan for health reasons, the majority of the public ‘choose’ to be vegan as a lifestyle choice.

This has left coeliacs frustrated that a lifestyle choice is being prioritised over their auto-immune disease.

Whilst Domino’s refuse to give any comment as to when exactly they will put measures in place to safely produce their gluten-free bases again, it can be assumed that the annoyance will not subside until they do.