The River Severn flows throughout the city of Worcester and can created a peaceful and scenic route along the City.

But it can also causes issues such as that of flooding, which badly hit the West Midlands City a week ago.

There is a common occurrence that the city council cannot seem to contain. The regular Flash Flooding is a serious problem here in Worcester, and has caused damage to businesses and animal habitats even creating travel disruption.

Figures based off averages show the Severn has a varied river level of 0.55m-3.35m. Over the last week the river touched highs of 5.00m which is much higher than the river should be. The river is however beginning to drop but only slowly, with the river at a recorded level of 4.60m as of 9:30am today.

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With Covid-19 restrictions in place, the pubs and restaurants on river front have had to shut unless they provide a takeaway service. So the problems for businesses is not about customers, but more about keeping water out of their buildings

A spokesperson for Browns which is on the River had this too say:

“It’s nothing we are not prepared for here, the floods and our business are familiar friends and with what’s going on in the world regarding covid-19 it could not have come at a better time”

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As rivers levels gradually begin to drop, there is still concern for the people of Worcester. Weather across the next 7 days includes lots of scattered showers and snowfall so the city can only imagine the potential damage this could have to many of homes and businesses.