Parents are struggling with balancing home schooling and working life.

After PM Boris Johnson announced schools are unlikely to re-open before March 8th, many parents are struggling to support their children’s efforts to keep up with their education.

Classrooms across England are empty due to the current coronavirus lockdown.

Education has been hit hard during the pandemic with parents, teachers and pupils having to get to grips with online teaching.

Schools returned on the 4th January for a new academic year, only to be told that the next day they would be working from home, except for the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils.

“…LOckdown three, it is proving very challenging.”
Philip holliday, vice president of travel management at liverpool football club and father of two

Many parents are struggling with balancing their full time jobs with also the added pressure of ensuring their children are keeping up to date with home schooling.

Philip Holliday, Vice President of Travel Management at Liverpool Football Club, is father to  an eight-year-old girl and four-year-old boy.

Mr Holliday and his wife both work full time and have struggled balancing home-schooling with their own workloads.

He said, “In terms of trying to home-school two kids, and both parents undertaking a full time role, it’s proving difficult to say the least.”

Philip Holliday, father of two and full-time worker

Mr Holliday added, “…in terms of our own work, we’re either starting at 7am and working until 9am…and then starting again at 3.30 until 8 or 9 o’clock at night which isn’t very conducive to family life balance.”



Not only are parents struggling with home-schooling, teachers are also finding it hard to keep the children motivated.

Luke Halsall, primary school teacher

Luke Halsall, a primary school teacher from Bolton, conducts two live meetings a week to engage his class of twenty one, year-four pupils. This is on top of preparing and providing daily teaching materials for them to complete.

Mr Halsall said without the face-to-face teaching it is difficult to keep on top of each student. He added, “Some of the kids aren’t accessing it [the online teaching materials] because you know…they can get away with it.”

As it stands, pupils will hopefully be returning to schools on 8th March, but this is yet to be confirmed by the Government.