London hospitals are struggling with the rise of Covid-19 cases and are being forced to send desperate patients away.

The UK reached a record high figure of 1,820 deaths on 25th January 2021. With the new variant being 50% more transmittable, it has resulted in a surge of Covid hospital admissions and overstretched hospital resources.

“I was disgusted by the way the National Health Service handled our case”
Stella loizou

NHS hospitals across the UK have focused the majority of their attention on Covid patients at the expense of other treatments. Non-urgent operations have been rescheduled – hip replacements and life-saving cancer treatments have been postponed.

Dr Eleni Mavrides from the Royal Free Hospital said they were continuing to function by “reducing the elective admissions for non-urgent cases”. She said this was in an attempt to free up resources for Covid-19 patients.


4,000 Capacity Hospital (Credit Matt Writtle)

This comes due to the shortages in beds, resources and staff. Stella Loizou feels she did not get the attention she needed from the staff at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

She explains that she was “disgusted” with the way the NHS staff dealt with her when she needed it most. “They tried to force us out to another hospital saying because of Covid they couldn’t operate […] I felt there was a lack of care and concern. I felt like everything was a fight with them,” she said.

The government is launching 24-hour Covid vaccination centres across the country in order to reach its target of 14 million people being vaccinated by mid-February. It is expecting to bring the country to a slow but steady recovery.