Crisp packet blankets handed out to the homeless community in Hillingdon.

Students at a secondary school in Hillingdon have been taking part in a new initiative that sees them provide survival blankets for the homeless after they’re made out of used crisp packets.

As a part of their Princes’ Trust studies, the students at Barnhill Community College began selling the packets to other school pupils before collecting and recycling them.

As a team, they prepared and washed the packets before creating the blankets for this winter- a time when the homeless community needs them the most. The blankets are made by ironing the crisp packets and then fusing them together with a protective and waterproof plastic sheeting.

”each blanket takes 150 crisp packets to make”
amanda rothwell, head princes’ trust teacher

Amanda Rothwell, Princes’ Trust Teacher at Barnhill, said “Each blanket takes 150 crisp packets to make so we set ourselves a target of collecting that many crisp packets at first in order to make one blanket. But we quickly were able to gather much more and have now completed and given 3 blankets with the aim to make more once students can once again come into school”.

The first few blankets were given out at Christmas time.
A completed crisp packet blanket.


Homelessness levels have continued to rise within the UK during the past year.

-Latest government figures predict that 4,266 people are sleeping rough on any given night.

-The crisis is toughest to endure during the winter months when temperatures drop, and the aid of a blanket can help to combat this.

The school hopes to widen the project once students return to school, aiming to collect over 1500 crisp packets to create at least 10 more blankets throughout the course of the year.