Walking essentials

As 2021 looms upon us, so does the inevitable January diet.

After having perhaps too many mince pies at Christmas, many people feel this is the perfect time to get back into shape.

This could be by following a new rigorous diet plan, which cuts out carbs and makes chocolate feel like a distant memory, or even going out for a bit of exercise.

Going for a walk

However, this healthy change is even more challenging this year due to Covid-19. With gyms currently out of use, many people find it difficult to motivate themselves.

With us all caught in yet another lockdown, it may be far easier to slip back into old habits of having another biscuit when we know we probably shouldn’t.

Sandra Masters, who is personal trainer and fitness expert, explains how we can overcome the challenges that Lockdown 3.0 is bringing us.



“Walking is one of the best exercises you can do. You can increase your distance, gradually increase your pace,” said the personal trainer.

“It’s a brilliant way to get back into fitness. And when you see yourself improving, you might try something else.”

“When you exercise, your sugar levels go up in your body; you don’t crave sugar as much. I feel the difference on the days when I exercise.”

She also gives a helpful tip about Diet Coke. “Even though it is better for you than full fat coke, it causes you to crave sweet things.”


-Sandra MAsters, Fitness instructor


Hand weight

Any form of exercise is helpful in achieving a healthier lifestyle in 2021. Instead we’re being urged to keep motivated, and the impact can be tremendous on both our physical, and mental, health