Award-winning Nottingham Gospel singer Freddie Kofi

A Basford Gospel singer has written a song inspired by the tragic death of Arnold boy Jaden Moodie with the desire to see social change.

The 14-year-old schoolboy was a victim of a stabbing attack on a London street in January 2019. He was knocked off his moped and repeatedly stabbed by a gang in Bickley Road, Leyton.

The teenager – who had been groomed by drug dealing gangs – and his mother Jada Bailey had moved from Nottingham to London for a new start only six months before his killing.

14-year-old Jaden Moodie was stabbed to death in London in January 2019  (Image: Metropolitan Police/PA)

“The focus on young black youth is so important, because they are not making it to their 20S and that is a clear violation of everybody’s right to enjoy a healthy life” 
Freddie Kofi, Gospel singer


According to a study by Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology, people of ethnic minorities in Britain are far more likely to become victims of violent crime.

For Black people, the murder risk “has been over five and a half times (5.6) higher than for White British people on average” during the 21st century, the study reveals.

The fatal stabbing of the aspiring boxer moved Nottingham Gospel artist Freddie Kofi to write a song about social change.

Snippet of the recording session of Freddie Kofi’s new song ‘Season Of Change’

Freddie says: “The focus on young black youth is so important because they are not making it to their 20s and that is a clear violation of everybody’s right to enjoy a healthy life.”

The MOBO Award-Nominee wrote ‘Season of Change‘ in December 2019 but did not release it until November 2020.

He says a number of matters of social injustice throughout the year flow into his new song:


Freddie and the Music For Social Change Choir’s aim is to help people who have experienced similar loss of a loved one find comfort and healing through this song.

Having heard about Freddie’s latest music project, the mother of Britain’s youngest gang victim says she’d like to “thank Freddie Kofi from the bottom of my heart for making Jaden his inspiration for his Gospel song.”

“We are a Christian family, so this is wonderful news”.

Jada Bailey, Jaden Moodie’s mother (Image: John Stillwell/PA)

Jada Bailey and her family have launched the Jaden Moodie Foundation to keep his memory alive and to work towards preventing knife crime.