Asda has announced new safety measures across all stores to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

This includes 1000 safety marshals, more hand sanitiser around the stores and new handlebar coverings for their trolleys.

The safety marshals will attempt to tell customers to wear their facemasks in line with the current law. However, they will have no power to stop people who refuse to wear a mask. They will offer facemasks to those without but, unlike some shops and businesses, they will charge you for the masks at the end of your visit.

The new coating that has been added to the trolleys is the same used in NHS Nightingale hospitals. It is made by a company named Biomaster X who says it greatly reduces the viability of the virus. It means that if Covid-19 were to get onto the handlebars, the likelihood is that by the time the next customer uses the trolley, the virus has gone.

The sign, shown inside the trolley, speaks of silver technology which is shorthand for saying the coating has inside it silver ions. Silver ions infuse with the handlebars when applied and then destabilise the cell membrane of any bacteria that fall onto it. This stops the cells from respirating and subsequently stops them from reproducing.

Anthony Hemmerdinger, chief operating officer at Asda, said: “These additional measures will make our stores an even safer place to shop and work during the coming months.”

Asda says it understands how important feeling safe is to its customers and employees and hopes these new measures go some way to ensure it.