Credit: BirminghamLive

Residents of Tamworth are still waiting to receive their Covid-19 vaccine after deliveries of the jab were delayed.

Many people have had to have their appointments rearranged for their first vaccination due to the delay. This was said to have been resulting from logistical circumstances.

GP practices all over Tamworth are now preparing to provide the most vulnerable with vaccinations next week.

The Coton Centre has been given the green light by the Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning group, meaning that they will start rolling out the vaccinations from Monday (18th January).

The Coton Centre will cover many GP practices such as, Aldergate Medical, Laurel House, Hollies Practice, Healthview Medical, Riverside Surgery, Dr Khare’s Surgery, Crown Medical, The Peel Medical, Tri-Links Medical, Trinity Surgery, Dr Vije’s Surgery.


The Conservative Member of Parliament for the town, Christopher Pincher MP, reacted to the delay in an open letter to residents.

“by next week the vaccine will become available in Tamworth, beginning with the first four vulnerable groups.”

Christopher Pincher, Tamworth MP

“By next week, the vaccine will become available in Tamworth, beginning with the first four vulnerable groups,” he said.

“The Tamworth site has been approved and that is why the vaccine will arrive next week.”

“Please follow the guidance from your GP surgery- they will let you know when you, or your relative, will be vaccinated, so please wait to hear from them.”

Grace Blick, Carer for “Helping Hands” in Tamworth, is concerned about when key-workers will receive the vaccine.

“As a key worker, I’d be really disappointed if I did not get the vaccine.”

“I don’t think I can have it in my head, that I go into work and then pass it on. That wouldn’t be good for my mental health.”

“I’m all for it because I know it will protect others in the process, not just for my family and friends, but for my vulnerable customers.”

.”I’m worried about my family; I know the cases are going up. It’s scary.”

From this week, the Department of Health and Social care will announce how many people have been vaccinated on a daily basis. According to recent data, 2.3 million people have been inoculated against the deadly virus.