Sainsburys Thorley (Picture: Vikki Lance)

Supermarkets are putting in place tighter restrictions regarding face masks and social distancing in response to the UK’s third national lockdown.

Morrisons will ban any customers who do not wear a face covering and Sainsburys will also question those shopping in large groups, amid growing concerns of limited social distancing in stores.

In a USDAW press release released on the 8th January, General Secretary Paddy Lillis states, “…We are [also] very concerned by reports that too many customers are not following necessary safety measures like social distancing, wearing a face covering and only shopping for essential items.

“Usdaw is urging the shopping public to strictly follow the rules to help make shops safer and limit the spread of Covid-19.”

“They treat us as if we are below them… it’s not fair”

kate gale, a member of the support staff at sainsburys thorley

Further measures that are being called to be implemented include a ‘one in, one out’ system to maintain the number of people in store, enhanced cleaning on shop floor and back areas and the two metre distancing in stores to be followed, with a one way system in store if necessary.

Queues would be minimised with these new measures (Photo: Vikki Lance)

Whilst this is a step in the right direction to protect customers and colleagues from transmitting coronavirus, there are many who believe that the rules will not be listened to.

Kate Gale, a support team member of Sainsburys Thorley, says ” While this sounds good on paper, it will only last for a short time.

“In the first lockdown in March when we had the same restrictions, customers still gathered in aisles, blocking paths for others and didn’t maintain social distancing. Others were very rude to me and other members of staff, leaving them very upset and reluctant to work.

“They treat us as if we are below them and take their anger out on us when we are just doing our jobs. It’s not fair”.