Social Distancing measures in place at Santander in Leicester

In March of last year, many people were furloughed and told to work from home – but not bankers. The essential workers who are sometimes over-looked have been working hard to ensure everyone can still access their money and live their financial lives like they normally would.

Although many people have turned digital when it comes to banking, some of the the older generations in our society tend to rely on being able to walk into their local bank.

In banks such as Santander, many new regulations have been put in place to keep both staff and customers from contracting Covid-19.

Personal banker, Tom* (his name has been changed to protect his identity) from Leicester, told CBJ Spotlight that his branch have gone above and beyond to keep everyone safe, including introducing security at the doors to ensure that only four people are in the branch at a time and they are all wearing masks properly.

“All staff in my branch fill in a pre-travel questionnaire every morning to ensure everyone is taking care of themselves and recognising any symptoms early on.”

“I’ve felt more safe at work as the months have gone on as my branch have introduced more measures to stop us from contracting coronavirus”

Tom – A Personal Banker 

Keeping everyone physically safe is at most businesses top priority during these tough times, but Santander have also ensured their employees mental wellbeing is looked after too.

“We have a Coronavirus hub site that gives us branch support material. This means if we are unsure on how to deal with a situation, we can look at this. But more importantly, there is a mental wellbeing hub on this system that teaches us how to look after ourselves and those around us.”

“Many of my co-workers have had to go off sick in the last few months with mental health issues, but now they are starting to return to work by using this support material”.

HR policies are evident within all businesses, but these essential workers have been left feeling unappreciated throughout the pandemic; so ensuring they are well looked after is of a great importance to their management.

Customers are being kept safe too as the banks have introduced barriers between cash points. This, along with hand sanitiser and temperature guns at the doors, mean everyone within the bank can stay as safe as possible.

Following arrows on the floor around branches mean customers and employees can keep social distancing whilst getting everything done they need to. “I’ve felt more safe at work as the months have gone on as my branch have introduced more measures to stop us from contracting coronavirus”, Tom told CBJ Spotlight.

Banks like Santander are asking people to follow the rules and guidelines set by the government and only come into their local branch if it is really necessary.