Festive Window Display Cross Keys
The Cross Keys has stationed mannequins enjoying a festive drink

One Nottingham pub has created a festive window display for passers-by despite being closed to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Cross Keys in Lace-market, set up the display in response to recent tier restrictions meaning that Nottingham hospitality businesses must remain closed over the Christmas period.

The project named ‘What you’re missing’, shows mannequin punters and staff stationed around the pub enjoying a festive evening in an attempt to argue hospitality’s case for more lenient COVID-19 restrictions.

General manager of the venue Sammy Sadeghi, says Christmas isn’t cancelled and is determined to share some festive cheer.

“We came up with the idea to put up our decorations and show what our pubs should be like”

Crosskeys festive window display
Christmas is far from cancelled at the Cross Keys

“In the run up to Christmas they should be buzzing with life, with laughter and people enjoying themselves and that’s what we’ve tried to do.”

Sammy also encouraged other Nottingham pubs to join in with their own displays in hope they will act as a reminder to passers-by that pubs haven’t gone away and that they will be back.

“Don’t forget about us, we haven’t disappeared. We will come back from this and who knows, maybe even bigger and better”

With Nottingham being placed under tier 3 restrictions, many pubs like The Cross Keys face an uncertain future. Sammy also said that while public safety is key, she feels hospitality has been harshly treated under the new rules.

“I feel we have been pretty harshly treated. We have adhered to every rule and recommendation and these have come at a lot of cost to hospitality businesses.”

Festive mannequin in crosskeys2
Christmas at the Cross Keys will look a little different this year

“In hindsight perhaps the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme wasn’t the best idea and it has led to us being bit of an excuse and very much a scapegoat”.

“Hospitality is one of the cleanest places you can be in right now”
– Sammy Sadeghi

Sammy also said that she is hopeful hospitality businesses can soon re-open and assures the public that it is a very clean and safe environment to be in.

“I do hope they allow us to open soon in some shape or form as I do believe it is pretty safe. Hospitality is one of the cleanest places you can be in right now”

“I don’t see the logic of hospitality being the only industry not being allowed to re-open when less pressure is being put on retail and other industries to adhere to social distancing and wearing a mask, so I am hopeful”

While Nottingham remains in tier 3 for now, a tier review is expected before the new year.