Gym members' first day back in the gym.

As the second national lockdown of the year came to an end, so did the closure of the gyms across Nottingham.

Following, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s announcement of the post-lockdown strict three-tier system, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock confirmed that gyms would be allowed to re-open across all tiers. Although, for Nottingham and other regions in tier 3 indoor sport activities would have to face ‘notable’ restrictions.

The restrictions state that individuals in tier 3 can visit gyms to exercise but organised indoor sport, such as dance classes, is not permitted.

But saunas and steam rooms have been given the go-ahead.

As other industries ,such as hospitality were told to keep their doors closed on December 2nd, gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts were ‘ecstatic’ to see the back of home workouts.

“Online sessions were great but could never replace the real thing”

Jez Kearney, Director at H3 Performance.

H3 Performance, Nottingham.

One gym keen to welcome back its members is H3 Performance, in Nottingham. Director, Jez Kearney, said it was a ‘fantastic feeling’ to reopen but felt there was still confusion amongst members,

“People are still unsure about what they can and can’t do, and we just try and assure people they are in a safe training place,” he said.

But the main benefit he feels is the impact of exercise on people’s mental health:


Although most are happy with the return to the gyms, Oli Lyndsell, a personal trainer from Nottingham, said that morale remains low for gym-goers.

“Whilst it’s nice to have it back for the members, it’s just not been the same atmosphere we used to have, it used to be really exciting and really communal,” he said.

“But now because we have all these rules, obviously with (social) distancing and with all the lockdowns, you don’t really settle into it again.

“You’ve got to spend a month to two to get back into your training but now it’s starting all over again having been off for a month.”

But, for him, being able to return to the gym and not having to set up in a park to exercise is a welcome relief.

“Getting the weights to the park was a nightmare. I had filled my on suitcase with 60kg of weights, the wheels fully snapped off, so getting the weights to and from the park was a dread,” he said.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, many people have expressed their excitement and welcomed back the gyms with open arms.


With another review on its way on the 16th of December, many will be hoping the government will continue to be allowed to remain open as ‘essential’ for the well being and mental health of society.