Justine Emma Moore played Gemma in Lone. [Credit: Emmanuel House]

A Nottingham-based homelessness charity has launched its winter appeal campaign by releasing a short film to raise awareness of homelessness in Nottingham.

The Emmanuel House Support Centre in Hockley, which has been helping the most vulnerable citizens in Nottingham for over 40 years, commissioned the nine-minute long film to highlight its work in providing a safe environment for those who are homeless, rough sleeping or in crisis.

Appropriately titled ‘Lone’, the film’s inspiration is taken from the real-life experiences of homeless people who had previously approached the charity for help and support.

In the film, we see a young woman called Gemma become homeless after her relationships with those closest to her start to break down. By the end of the film, Gemma is introduced to Emmanuel House, where she receives the help she needs to be able to take her first steps out of homelessness.



Award-winning actress Justine Emma Moore, who took on the leading role as Gemma in Lone, was left feeling overwhelmed by the stories she heard whilst working closely with the Emmanuel House support workers.

“Once you’re out the street and your whole support base has crumbled, who do you go to? And those people you might want to go to like your friends, maybe you’re not quite as close to them as to want to make yourself as vulnerable to them.”

Justine Emma Moore talks about the loneliness experienced by her character in Lone.

Having played the role of someone who is experiencing homelessness, the 21-year-old actress also stressed how scary it is for those who find themselves rough sleeping during this time, with the national lockdown and the cold winter weather making it harder to cope with life on the streets.

“There’s no one out on the streets to give you support and a lot of the support systems would have gone, like soup kitchens and stuff like that, so they really need support in this time,” she said.

The support workers at Emmanuel House – some of whom featured in the film alongside Miss Moore – hope that as well as raising awareness about the work the charity do, the film will also break down the common stereotypes associated with homeless people.

The Emmanuel House Support Centre supports homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults in Nottingham.

Marketing Assistant Gill Barker, who has been working at Emmanuel House for the past four years, said the charity is trying to help people understand the reasons behind what may lead someone to become homeless or start rough sleeping.

“It’s not always about drugs and alcohol or about people being lazy or having done something to deserve to be sleeping outside. It’s often a result of a collection of different circumstances which can be quite complex within the home, families and relationships,” she said.

Emmanuel House’s short film Lone is available to watch here.

To donate to Emmanuel House’s winter appeal:

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