Living in lockdown has seen a rediscovery of books as people are spending more time reading in a bid to escape the pandemic ridden world.

A survey carried out by Nielsen Books revealed that two in five adults in the UK claimed to be reading more since the first lockdown was enforced.

People are turning to books in search of comfort as covid-19 prevails

For many, this has been a way to connect with family and a distraction from the sense of complete isolation. There has since been an increased average time of 6 hours per week spent on reading books.

This has also been reflected through the book sales of the publishing firm Bloomsbury who have reported their best half-year profits since 2008.

As a result of furlough and people working remotely from home, the reading volume has increased as we now have more free time to sit down and digest a book.

The owner of Lilliput children’s bookstore in Sneinton Market in Nottingham, Anna Robinson, explains why she believes reading is important in times of uncertainty.


Whilst bookstores have had to shut their doors due to the second lockdown imposed in late November, many have transferred their catalogue online and offer delievery to customers.

The pandemic however, has arguably opened a new chapter for the book industry as publishers have made use of social media marketing to reach their younger audiences.

“It just stops people from going mad, to pick up a book and read, to take a breath with the book”.

Anna Robinson, Owner of lilliput bookstore

TikTok in particular has proved to be a massive success over lockdown in generating widespread attention. This is evident through the famously coined term ‘Booktok’ where a collection of 2 billion videos showcase people’s favourite books that draws mass engagement.



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Booktok is now viewed as an online community that provides the comfort that many people are in search of during this unpredictable time. It actively encourages the young generation to read more and provides a space for their audience to interact with each other.