Dr Will Budd
Dr Will Budd and two other researchers at the Imperial College Research facility

Dr. William Budd, a graduate from the University of Nottingham, has become quite the internet star for his fun explanatory videos on Covid-19 and the latests news on the vaccine.

After graduating in medicine this April, Dr. Will had to shield for most of the first wave of the coronavirus because of a Renal Transplant he received in 2016, so he could not be in the trenches when it came to becoming one of the doctors to fight the pandemic.

Dr. Will Budd
Dr. Will Budd during his research for the covid-19 vaccine

However, instead of working on the hospital wards he now is running vaccine trials, assessing eligibility, vaccinating participants and following them up.

In fact, right after finishing his degree, Dr. Budd applied for a Masters Degree at Imperial College, in London, where he was offered a job as a researcher by one of his tutors.

He started working as a Research Doctor in the Imperial College Research Facility where he is involved in running the Covid Vaccine Trials for Oxford and Imperial, and soon Novovax.

people will engage with us more and have more trust in us if they see what we are actually doing in the labs

Dr. Will Budd, clinical researcher

In September 2020, the medical graduate, joined the HBO and UN collaboration project, Team Halo; where together with many other physicians from all over the world, he started his social media influencer career.

He creates educational videos on Tiktok to show the public what it is like to produce the Covid Vaccine and work on the trials, in order to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

videos allow you to be creative with visual aids and the use of graphs, to help explain the information to your audience

Dr. Will Budd, clinical researcher

According to the researcher: “educational videos are important because firstly they are more accessible, meaning that everyone of all abilities can understand, and secondly you can reach a much wider audience with the use of social media so that people don’t have to be actively looking for information to stumble across it.”

In his videos, Dr. Budd tries to use as much humour as possible to make sure that his viewers are entertained and can easily understand his work, in order to fight misinformation.