Dean James, a new courier in the Birmingham area.

Courier drivers nationwide fear for their safety, as delivery companies are inundated with packages ready for Christmas Day.

Due to the second national lockdown, the general public have resorted to buying all of their Christmas essentials online. Meaning courier services are busier than ever; and so are their drivers.

Dean James, a new courier for a popular delivery service, is based in Birmingham, and his short time as a driver has been anything but nice.

“It’s dangerous, it’s hard work, you’re under pressure constantly … it’s a scary job”

Dean James, Courier in Birmingham 

After having his van stolen during his first week of work, he describes the job as “dangerous” and “scary”, as he often works through the night in unfamiliar areas in the city.

Dean James explains the dangers of being a courier during the Christmas period

Whilst James’ van was stolen from his home, many couriers have been robbed on the job.

“As the dark nights drag in … I worry for their personal safety”

Hollie Norton, Birmingham local

Hollie Norton, who is also from the Birmingham area, “worries” for the couriers “personal safety”, after she reported six stolen vans near her home within a two week time span.

Hollie Norton tells about the ‘stolen van’ problem in her area.

She finds this to be “shocking” and believes it really highlights how “dangerous” the job is, with the “potential of having your van robbed increasing” tenfold, as the nights grow darker.

As the country comes out of lockdown and into the strict tier system, the amount of packages to deliver can only increase.

The local police have yet to comment on this situation.