Photo by Youtube - Dan Elliott Music

A singer-songwriter from Ireland is among the millions of musicians who have had their plans rocked by COVID-19.

Dan Elliott, a singer and songwriter from Cork in Ireland, has seen a number of new releases and other plans shelved as a result of lock-down and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dan began his career playing a number of small bars and venues around Cork and Dublin, perhaps one of the most notable being the Temple Bar in Dublin.

A story Dan shared with me involved walking into the Temple Bar smoking area where he found, none other than global superstar and fellow singer-songwriter Post Malone playing the banjo.

The 25-year-old officially entered the Irish music scene in February 2019 with his debut single ‘Only ever been you’ which has been streamed over 170,000 times on Spotify.

The talented Irishman’s latest success arrived in November 2019 when his new single ‘For You’, went top of the iTunes Singer-songwriter charts, beating Dermot Kennedy and global superstar Ed Sheeran to the post.

Dan has admitted that lockdown and some personal setbacks have posed some challenges for his career that he says was really starting to kick off.

“I actually hurt my arm last year so I had to take a break from playing the guitar, and yeah I was on the road to recovery, had a few things recorded and I was starting to put the wheels into motion,” Dan said.

“I was planning some more intimate gigs and I was hoping to get around the country a bit but obviously this pandemic has set in so that’s all on hold at the minute.”

The Cork native did reveal that new music is recorded and will be on its way as soon as possible.

“There is stuff recorded, that I’m very excited to share with people, I just won’t be sharing it yet… but I will,” he joked.

Music has been a huge part of Elliott’s life ever since a young age and he has said that certainly has not changed despite lockdown.

“Music was pretty much everything anyway, and in a way it’s fantastic because I’m doing an awful lot of writing and exploring with it,” he said.

“I have all this time to listen to new music and try to create something I wouldn’t normally create you know? So with all this time it has been really great creatively.

“I’m forever writing down different musicians I should be listening to or songs I want to listen to,” he said.

Dan continued in a jovial manner “Music, podcast’s and running… that’s pretty much all I do… every day.”